The Cast

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Indy Film / Comedy

Written & Directed by – John Nava

Cinematography by – Nils Myers and L. Mattock Scariot

Produced by – 152 West Productions and A Dime and A Dream Pictures – Nils Myers – L. Mattock Scariot

Executive Producers – John Nava – John Bagoye

Edited by – Nils Myers – L. Mattock Scariot


Frank Leal at Lea’l Vinyards
Florian & Lori Barth at Fox Creek Ranch
Louis “Buff” GiurLani, Phillip Giurlani, & Diamond Matt at Auto Vino Winery
Andrew at Lea’l Vinyards
Bill & Laura Regentz at Dunneville Restaurant
152 West Productions
Kristen & Gordon Wynn
John Bagoye
Randy West at Graphic Arts West
Jeff & Eric at PPD Multimedia

Fox TheatreA Dime And Dream Pictures152 West Productions