Behind the Scenes

The Director

Written & Directed by John Nava

After a 22 year hiatus from making movies John Nava returns behind & in front of the camera. “Fella, people retire at your age not start playing ball” Inspired by his Mother’s words of “It’s never too late to follow your dreams & do what you love”

The Director


Cinematography by Nils Myers and L. Mattock Scariot

“You make the movie through cinematography”
First on set and last to leave our husband and wife team of Nils Myers & L. Mattock Scariot are responsible for capturing every shot on the Biggest Game In Town. Without their passion & dedication we have nothing but a blank canvas. They are the exceptional talent behind the camera.

The Cinematographers


The Musicians

The band is back! Dave Santos composing the soundtrack with Eddie Toro, Bobby Asea, Joe “Bam”Rizzi, & John Hasan.

Rick Torres

Rick Torres laying down the theme song… “The Biggest Game In Town”


Ralph Noe

Ralph Noe Actor and Artist.

Besides playing cantankerous Vic Manfrotto, Ralph Noe is an acomplished
painter of portraits and landscapes, oil and canvas being his specialty. When the movie needed artwork for a souvenir program Ralph was eager to lend his artistic expertise.

Wild Wild West

The wild west scene was shot on location at Fox Creek Ranch

Fox Creek Ranch

Fox TheatreA Dime And Dream Pictures152 West Productions